Using a 4x5 view camera, and for a time 35mm format, my images are captured on Fuji Velvia ISO 50 film, chosen for its vibrant color rendition and fine grain properties. However, I have now retired my trusty 35mm film camera and instead have been photographing digital as well.

4x5 originals are drum-scanned to a high resolution digital file usually 300mb in size. The file is then brought into Photoshop to correct color shift and contrast loss occurred during the scanning process and to remove any dust particles that may be present. In my days shooting 35mm film, film was scanned using a Nikon Super Coolscan 4000ED scanner.

Post-capture processing is done implementing color management to ensure a more predictable color across multiple devices. The scanner, monitor, and printer must be individually calibrated for the utmost color synchronization. Once the image is interpreted to satisfaction after it has been carefully matched as close as possible to the original, a master file is created. This is achieved by conducting a series of test prints and adjustments no different to traditional darkroom techniques, but with much more control over the process.

I currently make my prints using Epson's latest Ultrachrome archival inks on a select number of high quality photographic papers. The chosen ink/paper combination gives the print excellent color stability with a life span of 100+ years if properly displayed, according to Epson. A selection of images is available as limited edition fine art prints. Only archival museum mat boards are used when mounting is required, including open edition prints. Please use the contact link if would like to inquire about available sizes and price, or for any other inquiries. I will be happy to provide all needed information.

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