I believe that one way or another we all possess a creative sense that serves as an instrument whenever we feel the need to make a statement. For me, photography has become my form of expression, the medium through which I seek to communicate my perception of the natural world around me. The camera and lens lend to my joy of preserving through imagery what would otherwise be lost in time: moments that from the time of capture would no longer exist a fraction of a second later.

Having spent most of my childhood growing up interacting with nature, I developed a profound love for its beauty and a deep respect for all wildlife in it. I consider essential to maintain this interaction as a form of relaxation to find spiritual balance and to defragment the mind. Photography not only reaffirms my love for nature, it makes the connection stronger.

A long-time resident of the coastal community of Carpinteria near Santa Barbara, CA, I enjoy capturing images that portray the beauty of the surrounding landscape. From coastal beaches to the vast range of the Los Padres National Forest, the natural diversity provides countless opportunities for photography. When possible, I travel to more distant places, all in search of elusive, magical moments in time.

My approach to nature photography is intimate. To capture my images, I intricately study the subject in front of me and patiently wait for best light to convey the desired mood; only then do I feel my vision begins to form. In some instances, I visit the same location several times until all elements come together and invite to press the shutter.

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